Cohort Pic(k) Of The Day: ’52-’53 GMC Suburban – Blobby Neat Antique

Photos by Jerome Solberg from the Cohort.

I’m not too familiar with the works of vintage-look restoration projects, but I don’t mind what I see in this GMC Advance Design era Suburban. It’s fixed up enough to keep it on the road looking unique, while being sufficiently stock to be of our interest.

Not that these worn-looking vehicles don’t throw me off at first glance, with my brain thinking “Cool old heap!!” Then, on closer inspection, I realize that it’s an intended look. Which I guess is part of the fun for those that put them together.

This particular owner seems to find a mental link between the Suburban’s round forms and Blob-like shapes. Or so the personalized license plate suggests.

There’s an additional subtle graphic alluding to that Blob reference in the back as well. I would think they’re not referring to the dumb ‘The Blob’ horror movies of the ’50s and 80s, as I can’t see the link between the two. But I do see some semblances with a blobfish. Is that what that is all about?

Additional interior images show that this is a very controlled vintage-looking vehicle. It’s ‘neat’ vintage, after all. The bits may be old and worn, but the interior looks far tidier than the new cars of most of my friends. Heck, I can see myself taking a nap in those seats. And the WD-40 idea by the steering wheel… Why didn’t I ever think of that? A handy can of WD-40 is always a good thing.

Curiously, my favorite shot is the GMC badge on the Suburban’s running board. A nice item to close this post with.


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