Cohort Pic(k) Of The Day: 1962 Pontiac Parisienne – Non-Wide-Track From Up North

Photos from the Cohort by nifticus392.

From time to time, we get one of these Canadian Pontiacs here at CC. Those who know of the matter refer to these as Cheviacs; since they’re a mix of Chevy drivetrains and Pontiac styling. And for today, what we got is a pretty clean and well-sorted ’62 Parisienne; Pontiac of Canada’s full-size Cheviac. And a rather clean one too, for a change.

I would normally find the bright hue of this Parisienne a bit off-putting. But Pontiacs of the early sixties hadn’t yet reached the masculine styling that would give the brand fame. With that in mind, I feel that this attention-grabbing color works OK with the slightly quirky detailing of the ’62s.

The whole Pontiac of Canada chapter has been covered at CC before, and the links are further below. Suffice it to say, the Chevrolet innards with Pontiac styling had much to do with Canada’s market needs and tariffs. As such, the ’61-’64 Parisienne rode on the B-body platform, with multiple engine and transmission options found in the Bowtie division. The V badge on this one’s fender suggests it carries a V-8, most likely Chevrolet’s 283CID.

I believe most of our previous Parisiennes have been hardtops, so this would be the first appearance of a pillared sedan. Lastly, this one’s thicker wheels do a fairly good job of hiding the fact that this is a non-wide-track Pontiac.


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