Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1963.5 Mercury Comet Sportster Hardtop – The Comet Has a Long Tail

This shot by Don Kincl (or was it Curtis Perry?) really shows the Comet’s long tail, thanks to the new semi-fastback roof that came out in 1963.5. The Comet was of course just a stretched Falcon, and that resulted in a length of a not inconsiderable 194.8″, or 14 inches longer than a ’63 Falcon. The wheelbase was extended at the rear from 109.4 to 114″, but the rest is additional overhang.

And the Sportster name? I’d forgotten that too.

Here’s the proof. It came in regular and S-22 versions. Our featured car appears to be the former. But it does have the optional 164 hp 260 V8, so there’s a bit of credence to its name.

The reskin for 1964 works a whole lot better for the Comet than it did for the Falcon.