Cohort Pic(k) Of The Day: 1963 Ford Fairlane Ranch Wagon – A Shy One

Photo by L. Seddon, from the Cohort.

In the last few years, the kind of vintage cars we enjoy seeing here at CC have been vanishing from the streets. However, a good number are now hiding under covers, as this shy wagon shows. In this condition, it appears timid, not quite ready to face the world of today.

According to the contributor, this particular wagon has been in the same family for over 40 years, although 36 of those off road. The model is a 1963 Ford Fairlane Ranch Wagon and arrived in the UK back in 1964.

For 1963, the range of Fairlane wagons included the Ranch, the Custom Ranch, and the Squire. All 4- doors, and as was the custom, with a whole range of engines; from tame sixes to strong V8s. No idea what lies in the hood of our Cohort find.

Against yesterday’s Mustang, at least this old Ford is being somewhat protected from the elements. And if you wish to see some Fairlanes not afraid to show themselves, just click the links below.


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