Cohort Pic(k) Of The Day: 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo — The Classics, Now And Then

Photo from the Cohort by J.C.

There’s little I can add to the Monte Carlo lore on this post (for now). However, the vintage image posts I’ve been publishing got me thinking about the many lives and looks these vintage rides have had through the years. For example, on a post I made with vintage shots of Chevrolets from the 1960s and 1970s, there wasn’t a single one sporting Chevy Rally Wheels. A rare and unusual feat, as I was told.

But this 1970 one found by J.C. in NY makes up for that oddity, sporting them in earnest.

Of course, in the past, many of these carried whitewalls that altered the look of the car to… something else. Certainly far more formal, and broughamy.

Not that those rally wheels were that rare back then either, as this one sitting in a dealer shows.

And well, here’s a ’73-’75 one from the Cohort shot by canadiancatgreen some time ago. The kind of ‘classic’ Monte Carlo that I used to see around my high school in the late ’80s. It was mighty hard to think of them as broughamy or sporty by then.

Still, the point is that if the object (i.e. the car) remains, it’s only natural that as time passes, updates take place to fit current tastes, or to fit the desires we had in our youth. If the car survives, we’ll witness it go through duress, death, renaissance, or maybe even reinvention. And unless our featured 1970 one has been really lucky, I would think it has experienced many such fates throughout its life.


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