Cohort Pic(k) Of The Day: 1971 Plymouth Fury – Your Turn

Let’s try something new here.  As most of you know we have the CC Cohort where readers (or anyone) can post pictures.  Sometimes we grab them and write about them, unfortunately however not every car is one we can necessarily write about or perhaps we aren’t personally that interested or knowledgeable about whatever the subject may be.  But we currently have about 52,000 pictures in there just waiting for their day in the spotlight.  So I’m going to grab a picture (or batch of pictures if there is more than one of the same car) every day and post it here without any text beyond a credit to the photographer.  I’m going to let you, the readers and other contributors, fill in the whole blank piece of digital paper.  It’s a scroll, there’s lots of space, we won’t run out.  Love the pictured subject?  Hate it?  Know it?  Owned it?  Want it?  Whatever, let everyone know.  Today’s pic(k) is above, only one image of this one, supplied to us (with my gratitude) by canadiancatgreen who seems to do a ton of walking around and snapping photos.  Thank you.