Cohort Pic(k) Of The Day: 1974 Pontiac LeMans GT 400 – A Spring Colonnade

We’ve had a somewhat unusual amount of GM colonnades appearing at the Cohort lately, and here’s one more found by nifticus392. Do Colonnades come out in the spring? Or is it just an odd coincidence?

In either case, this generation of Pontiac Colonnades has been covered at CC before (links below). Just last year I posted a sinister-looking ’73 and talked about its flamboyant 1970s styling. Others have covered the model’s specs and background.

But we’re talking 1970s Pontiac here, when their LeMans/Grand Am Colonnades (and Pontiac) were trying to be everything to everyone. Just for ’74, there were several to choose from, in all sorts of flavors. There was the Luxury LeMans, the LeMans Sports Coupe, the plain LeMans, the Grand Am and the GT; all with different features, trim, and the usual assortment of engines and trannys.

Today’s find is the GT, making its first CC appearance (I think). And this one carries a 400 CID V-8. Other choices for the GT included the 350 and 455, and shifting was by a floor-mounted 3-speed. And does this one still wear its factory-original decals?

Well, I’ve no idea what’s up with this spring and Colonnades, but let’s see if some more show up before summer arrives.


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