Cohort Pic(k) Of The Day: 1976-77 Plymouth Volaré Road Runner, In Motion In SF

There are some models that take a long time to make their appearance at CC. And curiously, once featured, they don’t take that long to show up again. Even if occasionally with a slight delay effect. So appears to be the case with the ’76-’80 Plymouth Volaré Road Runner, which had its first CC appearance in a Joseph Dennis post this past October. Now we have this early model, captured in motion in SF, and uploaded at the Cohort by chasglynn. And just like Joseph’s find, this Road Runner’s condition is quite good, but also with a grille nowhere near intact.

Chrysler’s F-Bodies from ’76-’80 have a deservedly lackluster legacy; troublesome mechanicals, lots of recalls, and as far as the Road Runner nameplate, more of a trim and graphics package than any real performance enhancements. But well, it was the malaise era after all.

While these Road Runners pale against what came before, there’s no denying that in this trim and color, this one is quite the 1970s throwback machine. It’s also personally satisfying to see it roaming around the streets of SF, my old ‘hood. Back in the ’90s, it was quite a city to find old vintage rides. I doubt that’s the case anymore, and this Road Runner is likely the exception, not the rule.


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