Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1976 Opel Ascona – The Alternate History 1976 Vega

Way back in 2007, at the other site, I posited that GM should just have federalized the new gen1 Opel Ascona (Opel 1900 in the US) instead of building an all-new subcompact, the ill-fated Vega (That post is here at CC). So when I saw this shot by Curtis Perry of a gen2 Ascona in Greece, it obviously made me imagine how things would have unfolded if the gen2 Ascona also replaced the gen1 version in the US, in about 1976. Sure beats the ’76-’77 Vega or the Monza Town coupe.

And of course the next step would have been in 1981, when the new GM J-cars were world cars anyway, and the Ascona and Cavalier shared the same basic platform and body. A perfectly natural progression, instead of the dead end Vega.