Cohort Pic(k) Of The Day: 1977 Ford LTD – No Way To Ignore

We all long for what we never had. Apparently, somewhere in Europe, an urge has emerged for ‘luxury’ as only American makes knew how to make: In unapologetic over the top excess. And this ’77 LTD is close to the zenith of the breed; imposing and impossible to ignore on the roads.

A ’77 LTD in the Netherlands? Yes, as attested by these images at the Cohort by Corey Behrens. And in recent months, the Cohort has witnessed similar vintage American metal appearing in Germany and surrounding nations. It looks like in the land of efficient and taut handling vehicles, a desire for pointless hedonism has materialized as of late.

Longer, lower and wider was not going to last much after the ’70s, and we know Ford almost went belly-up in defiance to emerging trends. But that’s all water under the bridge now. Want to stand out from those fuel efficient CUVs? What better way to satisfy those desires than with Ford’s loftiest wallowing ride?

To see one of these in motion around small Peugeots, Skodas, or CUVs, must be quite a sight. I would certainly get out of the way if one approached on my rearview mirror: Land yacht, the road is yours, strut your stuff!

And where do they buy them? These Fords are rather known for their biodegradable properties, and I never got to ride one in my life. Rarely ever saw any, actually. Yet here’s one, looking as if it has been on the road for only a few years. What kind of special Craigslist connection these Europeans have? One linked to 1997? (Update: It was sold new in the Netherlands).

Aside from the missing hubcap, this sample still carries every bit of ‘luxury’ trim fairly intact. True luxury? I wouldn’t take one to the Cote d’Azur, but I would without hesitation drive one in a Columbo episode to a baddie’s mansion in Beverly Hills.

To those with keen eyes, yes, there’s a trailer in back. How ’70s can you possibly get? Only an Airstream trailer is missing to complete the full-American experience. The whole package is quite the time machine, and I almost feel my skin itch from polyester-shirt memories.

While I don’t have personal experience with these, I do have pop ones. And there’s no way I can see one without thinking of Charles Bronson’s Mr. Majestyk, with Airstream trailer included.

I know I’m off by a few model years, but Mr. Majestyk is one cool dumb movie, has tons of Fords, and the coolest Ford F-Series pickup chase ever filmed. Fords of the time may have rusted away, and the whole brougham period seems rather quaint and gimmicky now, but that Ford pickup does take a beating on that chase. And how can I not develop some admiration for the brand after that?

(For the F-Series chase, the Youtube link is HERE).  For admiration and loathe on the LTD:

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