Cohort Pic(k) Of The Day: Ford Escort, Mercury Lynx — Siblings Of The 1980s

Photos from the Cohort by Hyperpack. 

This is a pair of siblings I haven’t seen in a long time. Two Dearborn products from the early 1980s; a Ford Escort and a Mercury Lynx next to each other, making quite a couple. Furthermore, the derelict pair carry that oh-so-early-’80s shade of beige I think 90% of these came with.

Talk about a time capsule… that still feels anchored to today. After all, these are no pristine car show examples. And while looking remarkably intact, the passage of time is undeniable in their present condition. Looking at them is like finding an old high school photo, all cracked, discolored, and covered with mildew.

I won’t lie and pretend I was ever a fan of these. I never paid attention to them back in the day and I always thought they were rather unremarkable cars. Which they were. But I guess that makes them all the more extraordinary now. Who really worries about preserving the common and humdrum? No one, that’s usually who. So the fact that these two survived, and are sitting side by side, is all the more extraordinary to my eye.

Still, could there be an early ’80s Escort/Lynx fan out there? As odd as that idea sounds, humans are a varied and unpredictable lot. Such a thing could explain this pairing. Or maybe a compulsive hoarder bought the two and tossed them together, as it naturally should be done once a matching pair of anything is found.

Here’s another Dearborn product uploaded with the same batch of photos that I assume sits nearby. An early Mercury Topaz in a shade of blue I don’t ever recall seeing. Not that I was paying that much attention to these cars then. I mean, it was a Topaz after all.

These I’m more familiar with, as I spent many hours as a passenger on a similar vintage Tempo during my college years. And well, that one was beige. Had to be!

Talk about a car I’ve been trying to forget.  A decent appliance to get you places, but so bland, that I still struggle to come up with words to talk about that dull lump of automotive oatmeal.

Wait, I started this piece sounding far more positive. So I better get back to the econobox pair, which together remind me of the parking lots of my Puerto Rican teenage days. The once-common, now uncommon, that if seen, fills empty blanks on your memory and reawakens long-gone sensations.

So, I honestly never thought I would be kinda glad to see an Escort/Lynx pair surviving to this day. Particularly in that shade of beige, or chamois, or whatever Ford called it.

Not that I’m jumping joyfully or anything like that. But it’s odd to think that of these Dearborn siblings, I care far less about the one I’m more familiar with. But such is our relationship with objects. Some are distant reminders of the past, awakening dormant neurons and bringing us closer to moments long gone. Others, well, only bring back hours of trite idleness we have no interest in recalling.


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