Cohort Pic(k) Of The Day: Mitsubishi Lancer – Graffitti This!

I’m having sudden memory flashes with this graffitied Mitsu, and not from some back alley in a gritty downtown area. Instead it’s from my art school days, where the school’s basement served as the area of ‘free expression.’ It was hallways and hallways of graffitis with no end in sight, and tons of artistic ‘freedom’ sprayed on the walls.

It’s always fun to see what people with a few spray cans do with their much-depreciated vehicles. If resale is low, why not have some fun? And this car must be ‘daytime only,’ since I doubt those headlights are of any use anymore. The things humans put up with in the name of ‘art.’

I’m sorry, I’m just not versed in ‘graffiti,’ and can’t tell if there is any coarse language in this piece of ‘urban art.’ If so, my apologies. I get a ‘Black metal’ vibe from some bits, but that’s beyond my expertise too. There appears to be love messages as well. Could be just a mélange of ideas, in a very ‘free’ and postmodern way?

Regardless of my art school background, I’ve little eye for graffiti. Looks like a pretty poor application to me, but is there a technique in here I’m not aware about? Have these urban artists raised the value of their little Mitsu with their dazzling techniques?

In any case, if one must find a need for ‘freedom’ and ‘self-expression,’ an old Mitsu can be just the place to start.

Images from Mike Hayes, at the Cohort.