Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: The TopazapoT – Or Is It TempozapoT?

Matt Z found this very well done double-ender, spliced together from either two Mercury Topaz, or a Ford Tempo (with a Topaz grille) and a Topaz. I’ll explain later why it’s not quite certain.

Of course it reminds my of the CoronoroC, which is still sitting the same place it was a decade ago, at least the last time I drove by.

Here’s the genuine front end, thanks to its headlights. It has a ’83-’85 Topaz grille, but that’s probably been added to what started out life as a Tempo.

That’s based on Matt noticing that the “front” end has a Ford steering wheel, and different interior trim. He identified them as an Escort and Lynx. Close, but not quite, although the Tempo and Topaz are heavily based on those smaller siblings.

The “rear” front has had its headlights covered with what looks to be red covers of some sort. Calling Daniel Stern…

I suspect this may well not get driven much, if at all, as its purpose in life appears to be an eye catcher for R J Body Shop.

Here’s the rear compartment, with its Mercury-badged wheel and different trim.

Matt did a Niedermeyer, by getting down on the ground and shooting the undersides. I can see why these were donors: plenty of rust there.

The rear suspension looks to be a former front suspension minus the axle shafts. So unfortunately, this is not a bi-directional, twin-engine affair.

It may be rusty underneath, but folks at R J Body did a nice job on the exterior, including cutting the Topaz’ rear window to make a very symmetrical middle window.


Here’s my very serious write up on the Coronoroc, the twin-440 powered bi-directional 1973 Coronet former highway patrol pursuit.