Cohort Pic(k)s Of The Day: 1970 Chrysler & Other ’70s Mopars At A Yard

Here’s a bunch of photos with a good deal of Mopar iron uploaded by Hyperpack at the Cohort. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on in these images, but the cars (or what’s left of them) seem to lay in a yard belonging to GO CAR Sales at West Mifflin, PA. In any case, many of these have collision damage, and all have, let’s say rust issues. But that won’t keep us from taking a look around, right?

We’ll start with what to my eye is the most interesting of the lot, this 1970 Chrysler 2-door hardtop. A fascinating-looking thing that only seems to be missing wings to go along with its fuselage body to take off into the distance. Not that I would fly in anything near this one’s condition, but I think you get my point.

Unlike some of the others, the Chrysler’s body is pretty intact (if you don’t count rust). And here’s that loop bumper that is so 1970s Mopar.

Another bit of detail from the car’s rear area.

Let’s move on with this better shot of the Mopar row. In full view, a 1974 Dodge Dart with three on the three (as mentioned by Hyperpack). Also, with a decaying headliner that looks like rotting Venetian blinds.

Two green Dodge Dart sedans in the green, a ’72 and a ’73 respectively.

A couple of images from the ’73’s interior. Most instruments are gone, but the doors seem to be pretty complete.

Here are a couple of the collision ones (Hey, I didn’t say this was going to be pretty!), both from ’75, first a Dart sedan and then a Dart Swinger. Quite beat up the Swinger… but nice grille and hubcaps.

Now, the Swinger’s vinyl top seems to be acquiring a life of its own. Weird. Is there a mutant life turning up in there?

More organic life is sprouting in this ’79 Volaré’s flanks.

We may return in the next few days to check out a bit more at GO Car Sales, but for today, let’s close this brief Mopar tour with another image of the Chrysler.


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