Cohort Pic(k)s Of The Day: ’60s Pontiac, Olds & Cadillac – Another Visit To The Sales Lot

All images by canadiancatgreen at the Cohort.

It’s time for a second visit to the ‘Little Lot’ in Alberta. If you missed the first one, the link is here. We’ll start with this, which must be a 1965 Pontiac Parisienne. As mentioned in previous posts, these are often called Cheviacs, since they carry Pontiac genes modified to fit Chevrolet drivetrains and engines.

A 1961 Oldsmobile. A bit hard to tell from this distance, but could be a Super 88.

A 1970 Cadillac. Is it a Calais or a Deville?

And for the closing, let’s switch decades with this ’70s Corvette. Also, we have a Marlin photobombing.


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