Cohort Sighting: The Dark Side Of Cuban Classics


The elderly American cars prowling the Cuba’s streets are a justifiably famous showcase of ingenuity and living history. Even when saddled with Benz diesels, Lada transmissions, or other retrofitted componentry, enthusiasts can’t help but take notice. So here’s a nice exception to that rule, a 1970 Chrysler 300 with a Lada (I think?) headlamps, wearing a Nissan Sunny badge. A Fusie fused with Tolyatti’s finest face.


Thanks to RivieraNotario for sharing this with us.  I believe that the lack of cutouts for turn signals in the bumper distinguishes this from the Newport and New Yorker.  As an earlier model, lacking much of the later emissions controls, it was quick for a large car and might have lasted quite a while before needing a major overhaul.  I’m sure that by now, some other sort of engine lives underneath its hood.  As we see, that loop bumper managed to accommodate those clashing headlamp assemblies quite effectively, but I have no idea where those fender mounted mirrors came from.  Anyone wanna guess?