Curbside Comparison: 2013 vs. 2020 Corolla – Put on an Angry Face

They just eased  Covid restrictions here in the Evergreen State, so Ms. D and I decided to do something last night we hadn’t done in ages: head over to our local Mod Pizza and (gasp!) dine in. We pulled our 2013 Corolla  into the parking lot next to this near-new 2020 model.

I’m pretty sure it’s a 2020 model because of the “BQU” on the license plate. Washington’s current license plate scheme is three letters and four numbers, a switch they made about 10 years ago after they had exhausted the six-character options. It started with AAA0000 (yes, we’ll do quad zeroes on a plate), and went sequentially from there. BQU means it’s fairly recent, so it could also be a 2021. Whatever the case, when I got out, I knew it was the perfect chance to take a quick comparison shot of two faces separated by 7 or so years.

One thing is for sure, the new Corolla looks pissed compared to our rather sedate ’13. The white car is an SE, so it has a different grille compared to more “ordinary” models, but even the lesser ones have the “angry eyes” of this example. There’s no reason for a Corolla to be angry, of course. I mean, it’s one of the best-selling nameplates in the history of cars. But like an angry white pop star from the suburbs, maybe it needs to cop an attitude to mask the emptiness of its privileged existence. Then again, most every new car/truck/suv/crossover these days sports some kind of scowl. And considering how the last few years have gone, maybe that’s appropriate.