CC Ephemera: Better Homes and License Plates


The Plate House

Sometimes you just run into stuff. No expectations, just Boom! There you are. Sue and I were on our honeymoon in 1976 and had wandered into Telluride, Colorado in our 1972 Fiat 128. At the time, we didn’t know that Telluride was soon to become a low rent Aspen, with a lot of phoney-baloney California types with pretentions to the Aspen lifestyle. On our way out of town the next morning we ran across this unique homestead. What you are looking at are tiles composed of Colorado license plates. This guy must have worked for the Colorado DMV since all of the plates are all consecutively numbered.


Each year a different color.

Fun stuff. I don’t know whether this homestead still exists, but it was cool in 1976.