CC Epicenter: The Heart Of It All


Home is where the heart is, as they say, and my nominee for the virtual heart of CC is right here:  the half block of Van Buren between W. 5th and W. 5th Alley.  I walk/bike/drive by here often, and finally caught it on camera.  Paul has already written up a few of these exact cars before, and this was intended as a CC outtake, but I kept walking.

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I stood right here a few moments and it really did seem to me to be a nerve-center of sorts for CC.  The Whitaker neighborhood is a quintessential watering hole for CC’s, and you needn’t look long nor hard to find dozens.  Such as, pivot 135 degrees left and you get these afore-articled dinosaurs:


And a shot from beyond:


The couch and sofa are recent additions;  the Volvo and Brat not so much.  Walk another fifty feet east and I see this:


A bit about my walk:  I was heading to my new studio (future writeup awaits), but was again befell by the asinine grass pollen levels in the Willamette Valley, so much so that even my hearing is ruined for the season.  So I decided to walk back home.  More treasures abounded!


This Nummi-Nova is in the same parking lot complex as the Eagle.  I’ve seen it often;  hard to forget a car with a manual windscreen wiper.


 Keeping with the fence theme, these three wildly divergent classics are in a tow lot a few blocks north.  The old Datsun was tagged as recently as 09;  I hope it gets salvaged.  A CRX is on my bucket list.  I wouldn’t touch the blue 80’s GM “sports” car with Carmine’s wallet.


Paul did a piece on an old Saab recently, but I don’t remember this one being included.  I see it in the hood often.  A beautiful specimen in person and in pictures.


Another classic blue two-door is just down the road aways.  Original 70’s yellow Oregon plates, no less.  Spiritual predecessor to the CRX?


Rust, and the pac-nw’s apparent lack of it (coastal areas notwithstanding), is an almost daily mention on CC, and I can’t think of a finer example of a non-rusted mid-80’s Japanese CC than this beautifully maintained Tercel SR5 4×4.  Whilst not at all uncommon around here, this particular example is a rather shining, well, example.  Although the alloys stand out a bit, it’s easily the nicest Tercel of its vintage I’ve seen.  The Saturn and Honda are filler by comparison.


I’m cheating here just a bit:  this is about a block outside of the Whit, and it’s at a mechanics.  However, I couldn’t resist shooting this juxtaposition, for reasons that need no mention here.  A Titan and the Upstart, side by side.  Almost poetry.


Apartment blocks in the the Whit are the CC equivalent of fish-in-a-barrel.  I walked back to the street for a wider look:


This is in the same spirit as Paul’s recent CC-Count-em-up.  Same neighborhood, same story.


Now neither an old Bug or an old VW bus are in any way rare around here, but I couldn’t say no to chronicling these two cousins, for myriad obvious reasons.  There not even from the same state, yet they totally are.


While I’m by no measure a VW fan, I can’t help but admire the Tatra-esque beauty of this concourse-esque old Bug.  A wonderful specimen of a polarizing vehicle if ever there was one.  And right in the heart of the Whit, of course.

Speaking of heart, I want to give a hearty shout-out to the commentariat here at CC.  While Paul is obviously the life-blood of the site, I’ve always found the comments to be the pulse of the place, and am grateful to be a part of such a mature and esteemed bunch.  Your contributions are what keep me a daily CC-clicker, and here’s to many more years of Curbside Classic’ing!  *raises toast*