CC For Sale: Anyone Want A Clean ’64 VW Karmann-Built ‘Vert?


Well, it’s fortuitous that VW week is here, for a good friend of my uncle’s is looking to sell a fine example. Simply put, he has too many cars–he also has (or had) a near-mint AMC Eagle wagon, complete with the Di-Noc siding. If you like the classic ’60s Bug, here’s a fine specimen for your perusal. And looking quite no-nonsense with its blackwall tires; many of these Karmann convertibles suffer from Accessory-itis.


Finished in Yukon Yellow, this car has been owned by the same owner since 1974. It has been upgraded with a ’74 1600 dual port motor and a rebuilt ’74-model transmission. Actual miles on both engine and transaxle is about 14K.


It has been maintained and, while not a primo show car, is in nice condition. Brakes, master cylinder and tires were all replaced in 2013, along with a nifty new set of VW hubcaps.


The car is currently in Iowa City, and while the owner isn’t exactly in a rush, he would like to get it sold; he has a bunch of parts and a complete second engine that go with it, too. If anyone here on CC has an interest, I can get them in touch with the owner. I have seen this car in person several times and it’s a nice driver. Hope this little guy finds a caring new owner!