A Cornucopia Of Craigslist Classifieds – The Eugene, Oregon Edition

With my stash of car pictures being nearly depleted, it’s time to do something different.  Trying to find some solace in this pixelated deficit, I dove into my freezer for culinary satiation before scouring craigslist classifieds from random cities across the nation.

First up:  Eugene, Oregon.  Why Eugene?  While rummaging in the freezer, I remembered having this terrific ice cream, made with coconut milk instead of moo-juice, that is produced in Eugene.  If it weren’t for that, would I have ever heard of the place?  So let’s see what is for sale there, with this 1976 Cadillac convertible being up first.

Damned if these convertibles didn’t prove to be a shrewd investment as the asking price is $245,000.

If you like red, you are in luck.

Perhaps some want a little luxury at a more palatable price point.  How about a 1976 Lincoln Continental?  In my neck of the woods that 460 V8 alone is worth a goodly percentage of this Lincoln’s $2000 asking price.  At only 33,000 miles, it’s not even broken in.

It would make a wonderful Christmas present for someone’s wife – if they lived near Eugene, of course.

Then again, that Lincoln is rather over-the-top in a delightfully tacky way.  I’m a low-key kind of guy, so I’ll go for an Oldsmobile.  But this car looks familiar for some odd reason.

At least it costs less than the Lincoln, reflecting it’s 200 cubic inch deficit; or not.  One of the ads had a $2200 price with a second having an $1100 price.  Either way, the owner does know how to find a nice background.

Long ago, I heard some idle internet rumor that many people living in the states bordering the left coast often avoid American cars like Dracula avoids sunlight.  Regional tastes do vary and I suppose this 1984 Nissan Stanza was a popular choice back in the day.  This Stanza is an absolute time capsule.

This color combination is reminiscent of that quarter-million dollar Cadillac.

I intend to visit Eugene one day soon to see if the coconut milk ice cream people give free samples, with an added perk of seeing some truly fine cars like this Mercedes 280CE.  This is one Mercedes I could see myself driving at some point.

The ad is confusing as it says the price is both $1500 and $2500.  Either way, I can think of worse ways to blow a few grand.

Another internet rumor I keep hearing is how some people are bemoaning the height of current pickups.  It’s hard to figure because if there was no market for them, they would not sell, and thus they would no longer be built.  Obviously Ford missed the mark for somebody as this 1985 F-150 has had hieght correction surgery performed at some point.

I would much rather drive to work in a snowstorm in this F-150 than in this Ranger.  The only real downside is Red being powered by a 300 cubic inch straight-six.  Having way too much experience with a 300 of this vintage, I’m not sure how that fuel-swilling lump of despair is able to move this rig.

No doubt there were some decently powerful 300s built, but sadly I’ve yet to encounter one.

Maybe pickups with terrific ground clearance and charming personas aren’t your thing but something more diminutive is.  Eugene has a number of choices such as this 1982 Toyota.

It isn’t perfect, but it would be ideal for periodic light-duty hauling.

For the most part, the pickups I’m finding in Eugene tend to be of the three-quarter ton variety like this 1965 Chevrolet C-20.   That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  For $1500, this would be a steal in other parts of the country.

Of these three pickups, this one would get the Goldilocks Seal of Approval™ for being Just Right.

Looking at these ads reminds a person of all the various automotive innovations there have been over time and how some didn’t catch on nearly as well as others.  One that sounded great but would prove to be short-lived was the four-wheel steering of this 1990 Honda Prelude.

In a sense, the owner of this Honda didn’t fully exploit a fine opportunity; had it been me, I would have cranked the front wheels to their stops to illustrate the change in direction of the rear wheels.  It would have been cooler than dry ice.  But perhaps he wanted to downplay this capability and diminish the “just something else to go wrong” demeanor of some buyers.

GM made an attempt to revive four-wheel steering by making it an option on some of their pickups about ten to fifteen years ago.  The thud it made in the market was likely the same one Honda heard.

Speaking of thuds, this 1969 Plymouth Fury has certainly experienced one.

This two-door is advertised as being fixable with parts being located nearby.  Let us hope it returns to its furiously fantastic fuselage fineness.

Overall, Eugene looks like a great place with a little something for everyone.  Why, there is even a diesel Mercedes rat-rod to be found!

Note:  Listings were searched with a maximum price of $6500 (except for the Cadillac) and no newer than 1990.