CC for Sale: 1953 Allstate Series Coupe – Worth More Than When New?

It’s a great idea to have a way to feature cool cars we have found for sale on the internet. I came across this very rare 1953 Allstate Series 4 Coupe the other day and this is the perfect way to share my find.

You couldn’t exactly purchase this car through the Sears Catalog. But they were sold in Sears stores in certain geographical areas. Sears wanted to get their foot wet retailing cars, but the experiment didn’t end well. The full CC story on it is here.


What is surprising is finding one of these in this condition. The ad says only 200 of this trim level were built. They were a less expensive version of the Kaiser “Henry J” two door sedan that débuted in 1950. These must have been one of the least expensive new cars of the day.  The entry-level Series 4 Standard Model 210 sold for $1,528 which works out to be $14,009 in today’s dollars.

It got me thinking about what you get for the same money in an entry level new car today. I picked the Chevy Spark because like Sears in the fifties, there is a Chevy dealer close by no matter where you live in most of America. And the price of the base model $13,875 is actually just slightly less expensive than the Allstate would be today. It’s amazing how much more we get for the money today.

The dealer is asking $16,500 for this one. I have no idea what the market for early fifties economy cars is like these days, but that price seems reasonable to me. The ad is here if you would like to see it. The website always has an interesting selection of vintage cars for sale.