CC For Sale: 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme – It Has A Stick!

W-Body aficionados – and surely there are some of you out there – will be delighted to read this Craigslist post. The original owner took the most attractive of the first-generation W-Body/GM-10 cars – the slippery, pre-facelift Cutlass Supreme coupe – and went to town on the options sheet. The result is one of the most desirable W-Bodies. It even has a stick!

Here’s proof of the manual, an option that can’t have been a popular choice. The Pontiac Grand Prix and Chevrolet Lumina were also available early in their model runs with manual transmissions but they all became auto-only after 1994. I’ll be sure to share more W-Body trivia when I eventually finish my W-Body anthology!

The five-speed manual transmission isn’t the only interesting option. The original owner also ticked the box for the firmer FE3 suspension. This Cutlass Supreme SL also has power seats, windows, locks and sunroof, as well as steering wheel controls. Surprisingly, the owner didn’t spring for the top-spec International Series; the SL was the mid-range model.

It’s been kept tastefully stock on the outside – I actually don’t mind those vintage “luggage racks” – but underneath the owner has added new struts and a larger anti-roll bar at the back.

Ok, so the 2.8 V6 was no rocketship, even if it had a nice sound. And there’s no mention of how many miles are on this, or how much a replacement steering column would cost. But $1000 for a fully-loaded W-Body Cutlass sounds tempting to me.

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