CCKC For Sale: Bradley GT II – May It Rest In Pieces

Bradley GTII

The Bradley GT, probably the second most well-known VW-based kit car after the Meyers Manx, was made by a company whose success astounds me.  Success, you ask? Didn’t they go bankrupt? Well, yes they did, but somehow they managed to sell over 6,000 of the original GT which to me looks like something a visually impaired grade-schooler would pen, and then went on to develop the GT II and managed to also push about 500 of those out the door as well as several other vehicles including an early Electric before going under.  That counts as success for a long time with a quick and apparently very unfortunate rough patch right at the end.

Bradley GTs (the originals) pop up surprisingly frequently (I have one in my camera as we speak and have seen numerous others over the years) but GT IIs are rarer so when I saw this one it stopped me.  Well, what I really mean is I first saw it a couple of months ago and then today drove by it again.  I subsequently thought about it for a block or two and then gave in and turned around.  For you.  So I hope you appreciate it.  The owner is just advertising it as a Bradley so perhaps he doesn’t know exactly what he’s got.  This could potentially be a great COAL project for you and a very interesting read for the rest of us.

For $3,200 this whole kit and kaboodle can be yours.  It even says it includes 80% of the necessary parts (that would be the kaboodle).  There seems to be a Beetle chassis without engine in front of it that I assume is included and I’d bargain hard for the trailer or just assume it’s included and hitch it up.  In fact, that to me is the most attractive and useful thing I see here.  That missing 20% of the kaboodle does concern me a lot.  A lot more than twice the usual missing 10% of those “90% complete” cars that are always on offer.

So who wants this thing?  Maybe DougD?  He has a VW Bug that I’ve actually seen in motion so at least he wouldn’t have to worry about finding an engine.  This car would be newer too so probably safer?  One of his kids just got her license, she might appreciate a snazzy sportster… Or Herr Niedermeyer perhaps?  He’s retired now, so Stephanie would probably like him to pick up a hobby instead of sitting around the kitchen reading all those books.  He probably even knows where there are parts stashes around Eugene that might have the missing parts, er, kaboodle.

As you may have figured, I’m no fan of the Bradley GT.  Or the Bradley GT II.  I have nothing against VW’s and would love a Meyers Manx but the Bradley should just be put out of its misery.  Still, this thing has probably been in that little shed for the last 40 or so years and someone finally decided it’s time for it to go.  If this is the right project for you below is a picture of what it will look like when done.  No, I am not interested but good luck with the sale, there’s an ass for every seat!  (I’m just not sure if the seat is part of the 80% or the 20%.)

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