Craigslist Classic: The High Mileage $5k Cutty Supreme

1992 cutty supreme craigslist 2

Let us step back for a moment and run the figures: a 24 year old car with 184,000 miles on the clock for $5,000.

The owner claims the car has no driving issues, no rust and is getting hard to find. It really does look nice.

1992 cutty supreme craigslist 1

The wheels are right and the paint looks good from a distance. I always thought these looked better from the side than their other stablemates. The lines work. The body cladding looks fluid. You know what it is.

1992 cutty supreme craigslist 3

The seats seem to be in good shape. That’s a plus. I can’t tell if it has an aftermarket radio or not.

1992 cutty supreme craigslist 4

I had an ’89 Regal along the line so I’m very familiar with these heavy doors. Those automatic seatbelts were especially obnoxious. My concern with the doors centers on the outer handles. I snapped two, due to the car’s age and the fact they were so dinky they couldn’t match the weight of the doors.

The ad doesn’t say whether the engine is a 3.1 or 3.4. I’d have concerns about either of them at 184k. Same for the transmission, since this is the mileage where my carefully maintained ’95 Regal started falling apart.

I think $5,000 for a Cutlass convertible in great shape might be reasonable. For this, meh. I know these W bodies have a decent following but would even the most devoted GM-head even try?