Craigslist Outtake: Did I Just Spot A Redbird?


Like many people, I like to search the list of Craig throughout the week. You never know when someone might be so crazy as to offer up, say, a ’65 Chevelle with carb issues for $500 (true story – and an interesting one, which I’ll have to write here someday soon).

Not every car you see is worth buying. Heck, many aren’t worth the time it takes to view the ad. But once in a while, you stumble across something interesting.


Courtesy of the Saint Cloud, Minnesota craigslist, I bring you… what might be a 1979 Red Bird.

“But what,” you ask, “is a Red Bird?”


In the late ’70s, Pontiac offered a series of three uniquely equipped Firebirds designed to appeal to women. They were colloquially known as the Ladybirds: the light blue Sky Bird of 1977-78, the mustard-y Yellow Bird in 1980, and the Red Bird – which I suspect the featured car to be – for 1978-79.

Mechanically, there was nothing special about them; they were just run-of-the-mill Espirit Firebirds, almost always equipped with lo-po motors and automatics. What set them apart were their appearance features. Exclusive colors and decals, various visual elements cribbed from the Trans Ams, a unique steering wheel, and color-coordinated snowflake wheels all made the Ladybirds something out-of-the-ordinary.

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 3.24.20 PM

For those of you interested in learning more, this page offers a wealth of information on these special ‘birds – including this montage of decals.

Anyways, let’s get back to the featured car. In typical craigslist fashion, the seller’s pictures aren’t overly helpful, and the description is even less so. “1979 Pontiac Firebird – Collector Plates – Runs and Drives good!” doesn’t tell us much. For all we know, the seller is unaware of whether or not this car is in fact a Red Bird – let alone what lurks under the hood, or the condition of anything we can’t vaguely see in the pictures.


We can see what appears to be Roman Red paint (or would that be Mayan Red?), a lower accent stripe on a car that’s clearly not a TA, and red snowflakes. That’s a good sign. We can also see a faint outline on the sail panel, where the Red Bird insignia ought to be.


Looking inside, we see the red Trans Am-style steering wheel, the gold aluminum dash plate without the right-hand gauge cutouts, and (of course) the red cloth interior. If it’s not in fact a Red Bird, it at least has some of the trademark parts from one.


Another wonderful picture, which reveals nothing particularly useful. (Hey, look, sport mirrors!)


This is definitely a red ‘bird, but is it a Red Bird? Only one way to find out for sure: someone needs to visit its owner in Clear Lake, MN and find out. Or maybe not. $2600 seems a little steep for what appears to be a somewhat rough second gen Firebird, rare sticker package or not.

But if you’ve just gotta know, hit up their craigslist ad – and let the rest of us know what you find.