CC Global: 1989 Mack Super-Liner RW 713 And 1986 Peterbilt 359 – About Schmidt

Schmidt Almelo - Mack Super-Liner - Nooteboom - 1

There are plentiful classic Mack, Kenworth and Peterbilt conventionals to enjoy in the Netherlands. Almost all of them only drive to shows or can be hired for special occasions, like a truck driver’s wedding. But Schmidt Bouwmachines Almelo B.V. dares to be different. Since January 1995 the company owns a 1989 Mack Super-Liner to deliver construction equipment to customers.

The 6×4 tractor has the truck maker’s own 12 liter E7 engine and T-2090 transmission. The turbodiesel’s maximum power output is 305 kW/415 DIN-hp (according to its registration). The tandem is air-suspended.

Schmidt Almelo - Mack Super-Liner - Nooteboom - 2

Schmidt is also a regional Case CE importer and dealership. A brand spanking new Case CX210E tracked excavator occupies the bed of the 2003 Nooteboom Euro-54-03 low loader. The whole combination adds up to 45 tonnes (99,200 lbs). That’s 8 tonnes for the Mack, 15 tonnes for the Nooteboom and around 22 tonnes for the Case.

The following pictures come from Schmidt’s FB-site.

Schmidt Almelo - Mack Super-Liner - Nooteboom - 3

This Case 1121G-XR wheel loader weighs 7 tonnes more than the CX210E excavator, which means the semi has now passed the 50 tonnes mark. The low loader’s legally allowed payload capacity is 35 tonnes (77,000 lbs), so there’s still plenty of ‘safety margin’.

Schmidt Almelo - Mack Super-Liner - Nooteboom - 4

Multiple small excavators are sitting on the lower deck, the biggest Case claimed the upper deck.

Schmidt Almelo - Peterbilt 359 - Nooteboom - 1

While looking through the collection of pictures, it turned out the Mack is not alone. Back in 2000, Schmidt imported this 1986 Peterbilt 359 6×4 tractor from Finland. It then got a very thorough restoration job, which took many years. And the end result is stunning.

A 400 hp Cummins is purring under Pete’s hood, driving the air-suspended tandem through a Fuller transmission.

Schmidt Almelo - Peterbilt 359 - Nooteboom - 2

Wonderful, this photo might as well be taken at a US truck stop. Never mind ‘bouwmachines’, the Nooteboom low loader and the Dutch plates.