CC Global: 1998 Volvo FL612 Livestock Truck – Its Driver Was Counting Sheep

The Volvo FL-series, introduced in 1985, is a prime example of a European delivery truck. A moderately powered 4×2 chassis with a low day cab and excellent visibility from the driver’s point of view, used for short distance stop-and-go driving in and around town. Although the one I caught is almost exclusively driven around town.

The letters FL stand for Forward cab-Low level cab. This FL6 livestock hauler is powered by a 5.5 liter inline-6 diesel engine with a turbocharger and intercooler, good for 180 DIN-hp. Interesting to mention is that the FL6 was also offered with a 250 hp power unit, equipped with both a turbocharger and a mechanical supercharger.

The Volvo’s co-driver was wondering why someone would want to take pictures of an old work truck. Never heard of Curbside Classic, obviously.

Fully prepared for a load of sheep. The truck’s legal maximum GVM is 11,990 kg (26,433 lbs).

Here’s the interior of a late nineties FL612. Although this kind of basic trucks never travels far or for hours at a stretch, they still have good cab- and seat suspension and an adjustable steering column. Less comfort is considered to be unacceptable.

The FL-series was also offered in North America, marketed as the FE6 and FE7. The FE7 had a 7 liter engine and also had the driveline components of the heavier Volvo FL7.

Volvo Trucks has become the world’s second largest manufacturer of heavy trucks, after Daimler Trucks. The company’s renowned brands are Volvo, Renault, Mack and UD Trucks (prior to 2010 known as Nissan Diesel).

An all-new generation of the FL was introduced in 2006. Its cab structure was developed by Renault V.I. in the late nineties, in cooperation with DAF. From 1999 onwards Renault used it on their new Midlum delivery truck, followed in 2001 by DAF for their LF-series.

Of course truck enthusiasts around the globe also recognize the Volvo VM, the Mack Midlum, the Peterbilt 220 and the Kenworth K270-K370. Now that’s what I call sharing a cab!