CC Global: 2003 Ford F-350 XL Super Duty Tow Truck – Your Vehicle Is Under Arrest!

From 2003 to 2017, this Ford was one of the tow trucks of the Rotterdam Police Department. It’s now part of their historic collection. Thanks to the truck’s moderate height, it was able to enter all types of parking facilities throughout the city.

Its registered curb weight is 4,420 kg (9,744 lbs) and the Ford’s legal maximum GVM is rated at 5,675 kg (12,511 lbs).

The sleepwagen has the 250 hp, 7.3 liter PowerStroke turbodiesel under its hood. Sleep as in schlep; you don’t sleep in a sleepwagen, it’s much safer and more comfortable to sleep in a slaapwagen.

Power take-off by Muncie, I could read the manufacturer’s name after I zoomed in on the sticker left of the steering column. The small sticker directly below the orange switch says mistlamp, which is a fog lamp rather than a mist lamp. The speedometer’s main, outer digits display the speed in km/h.

The dual Ramsey winches, right behind the cab.

Falkom from Tiel, the Netherlands, built the towing equipment.

The Rotterdam Police Department used multiple other US vehicles in the past, as you can see here (too bad you can’t enlarge the images). It’s a good thing they preserve these off-duty vehicles and keep them rolling.