CC Global: 2007 Peterbilt 386 6×4 Tractor – Pete The Purring Cat

A conventional, American tractor with a full-time job in the Netherlands, now that’s a curiosity for sure. Since early 2008, this 2007 Peterbilt 386 has been working for the Jansen Bros. Back then, it emigrated from Montreal, Canada.

A classic, conventional Peterbilt with an aerodynamic nose and a setback front axle. Its overall length is 8.10 m (26’7”), no problem, as long as it tows a short semi-trailer to stay within the 16.50 m length limit for a tractor + semi-trailer combination. Typical examples of semi-trailers with a short kingpin setback, wheelbase and rear overhang are dumpers and tankers.

For comparison purposes, a long-distance 6×2 or 6×4 cabover tractor from a European truck maker is around 6.70 to 7.10 m long.

No stacks between the cab and the sleeper, but a side pipe exhaust on the left. The tandem is air suspended. The registered total axle load of the tractor is 23,643 kg, the usual Euro semi-trailer (tridem axle with six super single tires) has a total axle load of 27,000 kg. Combine the two and the end result is a GVM of 50,643 kg (111,649 lbs). Just perfect, given our weight limit of 50 metric tons.

Under its hood a Caterpillar C13 inline-six, maximum power output 469 DIN-hp. Or 345 kW in more formal language, if you wish.

In 2010, Caterpillar left the on-highway heavy truck engine market. Which means Cummins is the only independent engine supplier for heavy trucks in North America these days, as Detroit Diesel is a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America.

(photo courtesy of Gebr. Jansen Dodewaard)

Jansen’s Peterbilt tows a tanker semi-trailer for a living. Here it’s accompanied by some of its European co-workers. Note the new, shiny bumper it got.

May the Cat purr smoothly for many years to come!