CC Global: 2008 Volkswagen T5 2.5 TDI And 2006 Hapert Drawbar Trailer – The Towing Transporter

Je kunt mij huren, it says on the trailer’s side; You can rent me. And that’s exactly what folks here do when they’ve got something to haul, just rent a trailer and hook it up to your own vehicle. After the job is done, you bring it back to the rental company.

The towing vehicle can be anything, from a B-segment hatchback to a big SUV. Depending on the trailer’s size and weight, of course. The other day, my neighbor obviously needed something bigger than the widely used single- or tandem axle trailer.

A view from above, while standing behind an insect screen. The flatbed drawbar trailer with dropsides is a 2006 Hapert V3500. Its registered maximum GVM is 3,500 kg (7,716 lbs). The trailer itself weighs 1,470 kg, which leaves 2,030 kg payload capacity.

A standard hitch and trailer coupling. Evidently the (in)famous tongue weight is never an issue with a trailer setup like this.

Here’s my neighbor’s tractor double cab panel van, a 2008 Volkswagen Transporter 2.5 TDI with an automatic transmission. The maximum power output of the inline-5 engine is 174 DIN-hp @ 3,500 rpm, its maximum torque output is 400 Nm (295 ft lb) @ 2,000 – 2,300 rpm.

Double cab panel vans like this get a registration as a commercial vehicle, yet they’re often also used as a family car. Unlike double cab flatbed trucks, which are strictly business. I must add though, that double cab pickup trucks (think Volkswagen Amarok, for example) are also frequently used as family movers.

Last week I passed a Jaguar XJ with a trailer, loaded with garden waste. Too bad I couldn’t take a picture of that fine combo…