CC Global: 2013 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 516 CDI – Planter Box Truck

A nearby plant nursery uses this Sprinter box truck for their pickups and deliveries. With a factory GVM rating of 5,000 kg (11,023 lbs) it’s the heaviest Sprinter of the 2006-2018 second generation. That is, till September 2016, when a 5,500 kg version became available.

Rear-wheel drive and with dual rear wheels, just like the heavy-duty Ford Transits and Renault Masters, to name some direct competitors. Yet in Europe, the Iveco Daily surpasses all of them when it comes to sheer weight.

Neat, a roof spoiler for better aerodynamics and side underride guards, just like the big guys.

The little big truck is powered by a 2,143 cc inline-four turbodiesel, maximum power output 163 DIN-hp. Which brings us to the number 516 in the truck’s model designation: 5 metric tons factory GVM rating – 163 DIN hp.

The Sprinter left the Ludwigsfelde plant, south of Berlin, as a so called chassis-cab. That’s a rolling chassis with a complete cab. After that, it rolled or was brought to the Stürenberg Fahrzeugbau company, where they planted a boxy body on the Benz.

The truck is also equipped with a Belgian Dhollandia hydraulic cantilever liftgate.

I got this picture from the nursery’s website. The potted plants are placed in an open roll container for transport. You can seen them in the background of the fourth Sprinter picture.

Last year, Mercedes-Benz introduced their latest Sprinter generation. Above a new 516 CDI chassis-cab, all set and ready to get a bodybuilder treatment. For the first time, a front-wheel drive Sprinter is also available.

When a Sprinter is not heavy enough, then there’s the 6,500+ kg Atego line of trucks and tractors. Obviously a much bigger cab also comes with the package. The Atego has a tilt cab, with its own suspension.

Mercedes-Benz covers all segments of the commercial vehicle market, from the compact Citan panel van -although fully based on the Renault Kangoo- to the king-size Actros.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to water some plants.