CC Global: 2013 Scania Tractor And 2003 Burg Semi-Trailer – Impossible To Sink Any Lower

Heftrucktransport - Scania and Burg - 1

There’s something about Mary this semi-trailer. You can tell by the way it looks and stands that the 2013 Scania R560 V8 6×2/4 tractor isn’t just towing some run-of-the-mill, tridem axle curtainsider.

Heftrucktransport - Scania and Burg - 2

Note the massive, single rear cargo door, literally from top to bottom. I’d say the semi’s job is transporting forklifts. Not hard to guess I have to admit, because it’s written all over the tractor and semi-trailer.

Heftrucktransport - Scania and Burg - 3

The driver knew the equipment had hit bottom, nothing to worry about though.

Heftrucktransport - Burg binnenlader - 1

Heftrucktransport - Burg binnenlader - 2

These pictures, taken by the combination’s owner, explain it all: independent wheel suspension and the semi-trailer’s floor is sitting on ground level for the loading and unloading process. Body-on-frame it ain’t. And bonus points for the full trailer (low bed) in the background, hooked up to a Land Cruiser 100-series.

Axle load-wise, there’s no difference between this specific construction and the usual tridem axle set-up (27 metric tons in both cases, that’s 59,525 lbs). The registered payload capacity is 26,810 kg/59,106 lbs.

Burg semi-trailer

Manufacturer Burg posted this picture of a similar combination on their website, a highly appropriate freight included. Forklifts, stacker trucks, reach trucks, you name it. They all fit.

Tridec LV-O

The independent air suspension is a product of the Tridec company, also known for their semi-trailer steering systems.

Livestock semi-trailer Tridec LV-O

Independent wheel suspension is also common on double deckers, livestock (semi-) trailers -like the Berdex above- and on dedicated big rigs for transporting heavy objects vertically, like flat glass and precast concrete elements. For a grand collection of examples, simply image search inloader.