CC Global: 2013 Volvo FE – The Vitamins Express Service

2013 Volvo FE 4x2 - 1

There’s not even the tiniest factory or aftermarket frivolity on this whole vehicle. Just a plain, no-nonsense 4×2 straight truck, yet it’s telling you exactly what its main job is: transporting (fresh) vegetables and fruit to the market.

2013 Volvo FE 4x2 - 2

The Volvo is powered by a 7.7 liter inline-six engine with a maximum power output of 255 DIN-hp. Just a plain, no-nonsense turbodiesel.

Given its legal maximum gross weight of 18,600 kg (41,006 lbs) and a curb weight of 7,420 kg (16,358 lbs), it can haul 11,180 kg (24,648 lbs) of healthy products.

A 4×2 chassis, whether it’s a straight truck or a tractor unit, can never go beyond 21,500 kg (47,400 lbs) GVM in the Netherlands. In which case you’ll need a chassis with an optional heavy-duty 10 tons front axle, as a drive axle is rated at a maximum axle load of 11.5 tons.

2013 Volvo FE 4x2 - 3

Van alle markten thuis, (feeling) at home on all markets. That’s certainly a big plus for a market vendor, but normally it’s an expression to say that someone is an all-rounder, a very handy man.

The cool truck has a Lamberet temperature controlled body and a Dhollandia hydraulic cantilever liftgate. It’s also equipped with a trailer coupling for towing a full trailer. Couplings for a close-coupled, mid-axle trailer are mounted lower, directly behind the rear axle(s).

2013 Volvo FE 4x2 - 4

The first and still current owner opted for the sleeper cab with an adjustable roof spoiler. The FE is a typical short distance delivery truck, but if you want, you can have a sleeper cab. The other tilt cab options are a day cab, which speaks for itself in this segment, and a comfort cab. As a specialty, a low-entry cab is also available.

Volvo FE day cab

Volvo FE comfort cab

Volvo FE sleeper cab

From top to bottom: the FE day cab, comfort cab and sleeper cab (dimensions in mm). Obviously, it’s all in the length of the cab.

Volvo trucks cabover range

The whole, current Volvo Trucks cabover family, from left to right: the FL (the lightest model), FM, FH16-750 (the top dog), FH, FMX and FE. The FL and FE are also offered as electric vehicles.

Renault D-wide

The FE’s cab is sourced from Volvo’s subsidiary Renault Trucks. Above a Renault D-Wide with the same cab, the French also offer a sleeper cab with a raised roof. The cab of the light Volvo FL-series also comes from Renault.

Volvo FE cab interior

Inside, the Volvo FE and Renault D-Wide are different though, this is the Swedish version. Just a plain, no-nonsense interior. But it will serve the driver really well.