CC Global: 2014 Volvo FMX 8×4 And 2019 Scania S650 6×2 – Your Crash Their Cash

Heavy tow trucks, those massive lumps of metal in luminous colors, have always intrigued me. Like this duo, representing the top segment of European on-road tow trucks, all set-up to recover the largest and heaviest vehicles. Most certainly they won’t show up if you’ve parked your VW Golf or Ford Focus in a ditch.

Van den Boogaard sent their 2014 Volvo FMX 8×4 to the show. The FM-series is Volvo’s mid-size model. The FMX is the heavy-duty version, purpose-built for on-/off-road use. This 510 DIN-hp tow truck weighs an impressive 26,595 kg (58,632 lbs).

According to the information I found, it’s set to work in the Amsterdam region.

De Groot Techniek from the Netherlands built the towing equipment and the complete body.

De Groot’s type DGT 26000W, the same as on the Volvo, spreads out its tentacles. It’s the company’s heaviest equipment for tow trucks.

This video gives you a more inside look.

Now to the Hendriks company with their new Scania S650 6×2. I’m sure it’s used to recover heavy vehicles from all over Europe and bring them back to their homeland.

The Scania’s 650 DIN-hp, 16.4 liter V8 turns hills into flatland and mountains into hills. Maximum torque output, you ask? 3,300 Nm (2,434 lb-ft) @ 950 – 1,350 rpm.

Scania supplied the chassis-cab, Brechtel Spezialfahrzeugbau from Germany took care of the rest. Spezialfahrzeugbau means that the company builds special vehicles. I concur.

Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel.