CC Global: 2016 DAF XF Towing A 2005 Chéreau Semi-Trailer – Extra Long Big Rig For Driving Lessons

In the Netherlands extra long and heavy big rigs are allowed to drive on the main roads. These rigs are called LZVs or ecocombis. LZVs stands for Lange Zware Voertuigen, Dutch for Long Heavy Vehicles.

The usual legal maximum overall length for a tractor unit towing a semi-trailer is 16.50 m (54’2”), for a truck towing a trailer it’s 18.75 m (61’6”). The legal maximum GVM in the Netherlands is 50,000 kg (110,231 lbs).

However, the length limit for an ecocombi is 25.25 m (82’10”) and its maximum GVM is 60,000 kg (132,277 lbs). Now that’s some serious trucking.

Actually, it’s so serious that an official certificate is needed for driving them. Only professional truck drivers, with at least five years of experience in driving a standard big rig, are allowed to get an ecocombi-certificate.

Ecocombis come in multiple forms. The one I caught is variant D.

The towing vehicle is a 2016 DAF XF truck with a 435 hp 10.8 liter DAF-PACCAR MX-11 engine. Its registered legal maximum GVM is 19,500 kg (42,990 lbs); 8,000 kg on the front axle and 11,500 kg on the rear axle.

The mirrors on the left and right side of the cab.

Dhollandia doesn’t come from Holland. It’s a Belgian manufacturer of hydraulic tailgate platforms.

The semi-trailer is a 2005 Chéreau. Needless to mention that’s a French company.

A tandem axle dolly connects the Chéreau to the DAF. Super singles on both the dolly and the semi-trailer.

Good luck to all candidates on passing the driving test!