CC Global: 2017 Elnagh T-Loft 530 Motorhome – Ready For A Trip To Sweden

In August 2016 my brother and his wife rented this 2013 Adria motorhome for a trip to Norway. And now, almost two years later, they’re all set for a visit to Sweden. This year’s vehicle of choice is a 2017 Elnagh T-Loft 530 semi-integrated motorhome. Elnagh is a brand of the Italian SEA Group, Europe’s third largest manufacturer of recreational vehicles.

The face of the current Fiat Ducato, as introduced in 2014. The Ram ProMaster still wears the previous mask. The Fiat Ducato chassis is the most common starting point for motorhomes in Europe.

The 150 DIN-hp, 2.3 liter 4-cylinder Multijet 2 diesel engine meets the Euro 6 emission standards. Its maximum torque output is 380 Nm (280 ft-lb) @ 1,500 rpm.

Now let’s step inside for an indoor walk.

The Elnagh is equipped with a 6-speed robotized transmission with an automatic and manual mode.

With an overall length of 7.38 m it’s a centimeter longer than the 2013 Adria.

The registered maximum GVM is 3,500 kg. That’s the exact weight limit for a car driver’s license.

Trevlig resa!

Epilog: Elnagh’s brand logo, it’s on all sides of the vehicle, really looks familiar, doesn’t it? Elnagh’s interpretation of the famous symbol of Milan, also used by Alfa Romeo.