CC Global: 2017 Nissan Navara And 2018 Mitsubishi L200 – Strictly Business

2017 Nissan Navara pickup - 1

That’s my favorite kind of pickup alright. At work, off-road and covered with grime. The dented sheet metal is a welcome finishing touch. And of course, it’s powered by a turbodiesel. All work, no play at its finest.

The driver of the 2017 Nissan Navara was wielding his chainsaw, cutting down some trees in the river forelands. The truck was parked with its right wheels against the lowest point of the levee’s riverside slope (where the grass is green).

2017 Nissan Navara pickup - 2

Under its hood, a 2.3 liter inline-four with a maximum power output of 163 DIN-hp. The truck’s registered payload capacity is 935 kg (2,061 lbs), while its towing capacity is rated at 3,500 kg (7,716 lbs).

Last summer, Nissan announced they will close down their Barcelona plant (the Euro-Navaras’ production line) at the end of this year.

2018 Mitsubishi L200 pickup - 1

Spotted around 20 minutes earlier, way in the background and nearby the river, a direct competitor of the Nissan Navara.

2018 Mitsubishi L200 pickup - 2

Well that’s better. A 2018 Mitsubishi L200 pickup, coupled to a boat trailer. A fifth gen L200, unveiled in 2014.

2018 Mitsubishi L200 pickup - 3

Another turbodiesel inside, a 2.4 liter inline-four with 181 DIN-hp. A true, one-metric-ton truck, given its 1,040 kg (2,293 lbs) payload capacity.

2021 Mitsubishi L200 pickup

The Mitsubishi L200 -pictured the current, updated model- is still being offered on our market, whereas the identical Fiat Fullback has gone off the list. Which simply means that there are only three L200 competitors left these days (and for the time being): the Toyota HiLux, Isuzu D-Max and Ford Ranger.

Mercedes-Benz and Renault offered their own interpretations of the Nissan Navara (the short-lived X-Class and the Alaskan, respectively), whereas Volkswagen ceased the European production of the Amarok in 2020. Not enough market demand, end of supply. Strictly business.