CC Global: 2017 Volvo FH16 10×4 Heavy Haulage Tractor – 750 Horses At Work (Video Included)

Heavy haulage rigs always speak to the imagination of the truck enthusiasts. Very powerful, long, heavy and axles everywhere you look. They make the usual big rig look very humble. Here’s a splendid example; a Volvo tractor with five axels, towing a Nooteboom low loader.

Starting with some main numbers of the beast: a 16.1 liter inline-6 engine, maximum power output 750 DIN-hp, maximum torque output 3,550 Nm (2,618 ft-lb).

The Volvo FH16 with the 750 hp engine is the world’s most powerful on-highway truck and tractor unit. Given its massive engine and power it’s a sublime starting point for a heavy haulage tractor.

From front to back: axles 1, 2 and 5 are steering axles with super singles, 2 and 5 are also liftable. Axles 3 and 4, with dual wheels, are the tractor’s drive axles. Naturally the transmission has crawler gears.

In case you might wonder where the fuel tank is, it’s right here, behind the cab.

The frame got a full cover, which has become common practice, regardless the tractor’s number of axles or the type of transport.

The face of brutal diesel power. The Volvo’s curb weight is 15,380 kg (33,907 lbs).

The mirror sets, respectively on the left and right side of the cab.

The Volvo is towing a 2017 Nooteboom EURO low loader with hydraulically steered swing axles. Nooteboom is a Dutch manufacturer of trailers and semi-trailers for heavy and special haulage.

This module, parked on the bed for now, is called an interdolly. It can be placed inbetween the front end of the semi-trailer and the cargo bed, thus forming a so called 3-bed-5 combination: 3 axles at the front, then the cargo bed, 5 axles at the rear.

According to an article I’ve read, the rig’s payload capacity is 110 metric tons (242,500 lbs) at a maximum speed of 80 km/h (50 mph).