CC Global: 2018 DAF CF 410 FA And 2019 GS Meppel Drawbar Trailer – The Skip Collector

The other day, I parked my car at the premises of truck maker DAF to take a classic bus to the museum. Some interesting, all-blue demo rigs caught my attention. One of them was this skip loader with a drawbar trailer, carrying four standard-sized skips (containers) in total.

This type of open-topped and stackable waste containers can be seen at any construction site, including one’s own yard or driveway when doing a home improvement job and such. The driver delivers an empty container and picks it up later once it’s filled with debris. Naturally this process can be repeated as long as needed.

The DAF 4×2 truck, with a GVM rating of 20,500 kg (45,195 lbs), is powered by a 10.8 liter MX-11 engine; 410 hp, as it says on the doors.

A short and sturdy chassis, ideal for maneuvering in tight spots. Its wheelbase is only 400 cm (157.5”).

The VDL company (Van der Leegte) supplied the whole body and skip loader system.

This video shows how it all works, featuring the actual truck from the article.

The CF is DAF’s midsizer. This is the series’ day cab, a sleeper cab is also available, either with a standard (low) roof or with a raised Space Cab roof.

The dashboard of the current CF-series. Pictured the high-end Exclusive Line.

The truck’s skip loader system is also used to put the containers on and off the GS Meppel trailer. The container in the middle is resting on a trolley.

The trailer’s GVM rating is 28,000 kg (61,730 lbs), its second axle is liftable. The legal maximum gross weight of the whole combination is 48,500 kg (106,925 lbs), which is simply the sum of the truck’s and trailer’s GVM.

The CF was parked next to the XF top model with a Super Space Cab. Midsizer vs fullsizer. As an aside, the letters HVO on the green stickers stand for Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil, also often referred to as blue diesel.

In a next episode we’ll have a closer look at a duo of heavy-duty dump trucks, operating in different size and weight segments.