CC Global: 2018 DAF CF 6×4 Truck With Roll-Off System And Crane – The Construction Workers’ Gofer

2018 DAF CF 370 FAT - 1

Building contractors prefer compact, heavy-duty trucks that combine decent off-road capabilities with maximum versatility. I spotted this prime example of such an all-rounder and its driver just around the corner. Let’s have a closer look at this Swiss Army knife of the trucking business.

2018 DAF CF 370 FAT - 2

The DAF CF-series chassis-cab is equipped with an HTS cable roll-off system. In short, that’s a tipping frame with two winches at the front. As such, it can put a cargo bed or container (either with or without a load) on and off a truck.

HTS cable system - 1

In this case, a flatbed with dropsides was hoisted aboard the truck. Now it can haul all kinds of building materials, implements, scaffolding, you name it. Put an open top container on the chassis and you have a neat dump truck. It all depends on the job what’s on the chassis.

HTS cable system - 2

The winch on the truck’s left side.

HTS cable system - 3

The flatbed -resting on the tipping frame- sticks out quite a bit, hence the retractable underride guard at the rear. Just look at this whole set-up; light-duty it ain’t. And the bed is clearly much older than the rest of the package.

PTO driven Palfinger crane - 1

PTO driven Palfinger crane - 2

Mounted directly behind the cab, a PTO-driven Palfinger crane for loading and unloading the freight, palletized goods included (there’s a pallet hook sitting on the right side of the bed).

DAF CF Construction-series cab

The DAF is powered by a 10.8 liter MX-11 engine with 270 kW~367 DIN-hp. The transmission is a manual, synchronized ZF 16-speed. The European truck makers that don’t build their own transmissions -like DAF- opt for ZF products. On vehicles for the European market, anyway.

2018 DAF CF 370 FAT - front axle

The front axle with super singles is rated at a maximum axle load of 9,000 kg (19,842 lbs). So apart from steering, it can also carry some serious weight, exactly what it’s supposed to do. The whole truck’s GVM-rating is 28,000 kg (61,729 lbs). And that’s a 2007 Renault Mégane 1.6 wagon, in front of the DAF.

2018 DAF CF 370 FAT - rear tandem

When the going gets heavy, rough and tough, this has been the proven concept for many decades: leaf springs and drive axles with hub reduction.

2018 DAF CF 370 FAT - 3

Very all-round indeed. Just like the driver/crane operator, who was about to join his co-workers on the nearby construction site.

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