CC Global: 2018 DAF XF 480 FAN Low Deck – 8.94 MPG Combined, Sublime Fuel Efficiency

If goods are voluminous rather than heavy, a combination like this is the preferred choice to transport them. The legal maximum load length of a truck towing a trailer in the EU is 15.65 m (51’4”). Simply said, that’s the sum of the truck bed length and the trailer bed length.

Usually, the load length of a standard semi-trailer is around 13.60 m. So, you can win just over 2.00 m (6’7”) by opting for a truck and trailer instead of a tractor and semi-trailer.

You also win cargo volume by lowering the bed, a Low Deck, in other words. Low profile truck tires are an important part of the package. The drive axle has dual wheels, whereas the steering and liftable tag axle is single-wheeled.

The DAF is powered by a 12.9 liter DAF-PACCAR MX-13 engine, in this case the 480 DIN-hp version. Shifting gears by a ZF TraXon automated manual transmission.

Here’s where the 2008 Van Eck mid-axle trailer is hooked up to the DAF. The Elcar company built the curtain side bodies for both the truck and the trailer.

The trailer’s tridem with low profile super singles. The first axle is liftable.

At the back, a Moffett truck trailer mounted forklift. The total cargo volume of the combination is 115 cubic meters (4,061 cu ft); for a standard curtain side semi-trailer that’s about 90 cubic meters (3,178 cu ft).

The G. de Jong fleet includes four of these DAFs. Their work area is the Benelux and Germany, which means the rig’s legal maximum GVM ranges from 40 metric tons (Germany) to 44 metric tons (Belgium and Luxembourg) and 50 metric tons when it stays in its homeland.

Over a period of seven months, the fuel consumption was 26.32 l/100 km combined (8.94 MPG US), with 24.57 l/100 km combined (9.57 MPG US) as the best month result during that time frame. Excellent numbers, given the vehicle’s size and weight.

Your Mileage May Vary.