CC Global: 2018 Renault K 460 8×4 With An RSP Suction Excavator – Radio Remote Controlled Mega Toy

I’ve seen some trucks and truck bodies in the past 40 to 50 years, but this combination just has to be the most intriguing of them all. A king-size vacuum cleaner, fully radio remote controlled. And that includes driving and maneuvering the Renault truck.

The machine’s carrier is a 2018 Renault K 460 8×4. The K-series is the truck maker’s most robust heavy-duty model, designed and built for harsh conditions and frequent off-road driving.

The truck’s engine is a Volvo based 10.8 liter inline-6 with a maximum power output of 460 DIN-hp. Volvo calls the 10.8 liter engine the D11, Renault the DTI 11 and the Mack version is called MP 7 (Volvo Trucks is the parent company of both Renault Trucks and Mack).

Each steering axle is rated at a legal maximum axle load of 9,000 kg (19,842 lbs).

The rear tandem is rated at a total axle load of 19,000 kg (41,888 lbs). There’s a good safety margin, as Renault’s factory rating is 26,800 kg (59,084 lbs). Add up all the numbers and you get a legal maximum GVM of 37,000 kg (81,571 lbs).

This bar with sensors, attached to the front bumper, makes the truck stop automatically if there’s a chance it will hit somebody or something when it’s driving or maneuvering while remote controlled. The driver/operator himself demonstrated the system worked…

Now to the most intriguing part, the suction excavator (also called vacuum excavator) and its integrated dump bed, produced by the RSP company from Germany.

Fluids, mud, soil and debris…nothing can escape from the creature’s proboscis.

This happy fellow with a healthy appetite shows exactly what is going to happen next…

In no time it slurped a small portion of easy to digest food.

What goes in, must come out. Getting ready for the unloading process.

Open Sesame!

Full dump mode.

A cross-sectional view of the same type of sunction excavator as shown in the article (courtesy of RSP Germany):

  1. Micromesh filter
  2. Separation system
  3. Hose carrier
  4. Radio remote control unit
  5. Sound absorption system
  6. Fan (the main component of the technology)
  7. Compressor
  8. Material container/dump bed
  9. Accessory holder

This 2017 video shows an RSP suction excavator in the US, mounted on a Kenworth T880.

Special thanks to the Witlox-guys, present at the 2018 Renaultoloog festival, for their enthusiastic demonstration and explanation to those who showed interest in their magnificent piece of equipment.