CC Global: 2018 Scania S 520 – Tri-Axle Griffin

This year, the Scania V8 turbodiesel is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The current generation, with a displacement of 16.4 liter, is offered in four maximum power output versions: 520, 580, 650 and 730 DIN-hp. Geurtsen’s black brute is a fine example of the latest breed of griffins that hammers down our streets.

The Scania is equipped with a Hyva hook lift system to put open top containers on and off the truck and the trailer. Or you can just open the doors and dump the load.

From left to right: the steering and liftable pusher axle with super singles, the drive axle and the liftable tag axle, both with dual wheels.

The 10 tons front axle also has super singles. They don’t stick out past the cab’s fenders, as these heavy-duty front axles are a bit shorter than the regular/lighter axles.

This is how it looks when the pusher and tag axle are up, now it has the turning circle of a comparable 4×2 truck.

Hooked up to the Scania, a 2002 GS Meppel drawbar trailer. Super singles all around, the second axle is liftable.

Only behind the hedge I could capture the whole combination in one picture. The legal maximum GVM of the truck is 37 metric tons, whereas the trailer is rated at 27 tons GVM; that’s a grand total of 64 tons. The issue at hand is the Dutch weight limit of 50 tons. Well, I’m sure the guys find a way to work around it, anyway, anyhow.

Here’s a 2008 video of a Geurtsen Scania V8, featuring an R 500, the previous generation of the truck maker’s top model. It seems to tow the same trailer as shown in the article, or at least an identical one. To quote Men At Work: “Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder? You better run, you better take cover”.