CC Global: 2019 Corn Silage Harvest – Transfer Cases

Dry land and sunny weather, so far the harvesting circumstances have been optimal for the farmers and the agricultural contractors they hire. After abundant rainfall, the harvest is often a muddy mess, with immense stress on the machinery and soil structure.

Last Saturday, contractor Van den Hurk was harvesting corn silage in our river forelands. The forage wagons, all hooked up to AWD Case IH farm tractors, were filled by a Claas Jaguar 930 self-propelled harvester.

An empty rig is in hot pursuit, all set and ready to get another fresh load. Note the covers on both sides of the wagons.

And up they are, driver operated while rolling down the land. Kaweco is a Dutch manufacturer of (self-loading) forage wagons and other agricultural equipment.

The Claas forage harvester is powered by an inline-six, 12.8 liter Mercedes-Benz OM 460 LA engine. How about that, a Jaguar powered by Benz.

The cows will love it!

Lurking far in the background, clearly the smallest and oldest wagon of the bunch.

Farming in the Netherlands always includes very frequent on-road driving. The loaded rig we saw further above has just left the river forelands and is crossing the dike, on its way to the farm in the hinterland.

And here’s another major advantage of dry land and sunny weather while harvesting: no layer of mud on the backroads.

The harvest is a continuous process of combinations coming and going. This one has returned from the farm and goes into the boonies again.

Full speed ahead! (while keeping an eye on pedestrians and all other road users, naturally).

A view from the other side, while walking on the bike path, later on. The tractor is an Austrian built Case IH CVX 195, powered by a Finnish Sisu engine (6.6 liter displacement, turbocharged and intercooled). This model was offered from 2007 to 2012.

New Holland, Case IH and Steyr (and there’s the Austrian connection) are all brands of CNH Industrial.

Approaching a short yet rather steep incline, so crossing the dike from hinterland to river forelands.

In any Case, at some point you have to go around a roundabout. Good job, guys!

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