CC Global: 2019 Scania S520 Tractor And 2004 Pacton Semi-Trailer – All Packed And Ready To Go

Scania and Pacton - 1

Freight containers come in multiple shapes and sizes. Best known are the fully enclosed shipping containers, either 20, 40 or 45ft long. Yesterday, I shot this combination, carrying a fully open container. This type is called a flat rack container, which is suited for side and top loading, ideal for heavy and bulky goods.

2019 Scania S520 - 1

An all green mean machine, this 2019 Scania S520 tractor. It’s powered by a 16.4 liter V8, the biggest diesel engine available on the on-highway truck market.

2019 Scania S520 - 2

There’s a single side pipe on the left. The roof and side spoilers on the cab are standard equipment in this segment of tractor units, so are the full fenders and side coverings.

Scania and Pacton - 2

Scania and Pacton - 3

The Scania is coupled to a 2004 Pacton TXC.341 semi-trailer. The Pacton’s first and third axle are liftable. Better leave them down under the conditions as pictured.

Scania and Pacton - 4

I didn’t peek under the tarp, as I never touch anyone’s machinery when taking pictures. But given the cargo’s contours and securing, I’d say it might be a fine load of lumber.

Scania and Pacton - 5

This is the usual European big rig format, I posted many examples over the past years: a tall, 4×2 cabover tractor and a tridem axle semi-trailer with super singles.

Regarding European gross vehicle weights, things are getting confusing. In the Netherlands, this combination is rated at a legal maximum GVM of 46 metric tons (101,413 lbs); 19 tons total axle load for the tractor, 27 for the semi-trailer. In countries like Belgium, France and Italy, the GVM would be 44 tons.

But when driving this rig from the Netherlands to France, the GVM drops to a rather meager 40 tons, simply because that’s the EU-limit for international overland transport. By the way, Belgium is officially okay with 44 tons for a Dutch big rig, ditto the other way around. Hooray for harmonization!

Former postal office

And now for today’s bonus: a picture of the former post office, taken on last Saturday. Built in 1902/1903. Of course you can name the two curbside classics.