CC Global: 2019 WSI XXL Truck Show – Kings Of The Road

The WSI XXL event, held annually since 2016, gives you a good impression of modern heavy on-road vehicles in the Netherlands. There’s a wide variety of tractors, trucks and big rigs on display at the very well organized show. Many of them were in the CC-spotlight over the past two months, this is the event’s colorful finale.

2019 DAF XF 530 FTG tractor with a Broshuis double semi-trailer for hauling intermodal shipping containers.

2019 Scania S 580 tractor.

2018 Scania R 650 tractor.

2017 DAF XF 430 FT tractor.

2018 Volvo FH 6×2 truck with a hook lift system.

Climate controlled pig hauler, a 2018 Scania R 500 6×2 truck with a Cuppers trailer. Needless to say the roofs are down when the rig hits the road.

2018 Mercedes-Benz Actros 1945 tractor (19 metric tons GVM, 450 DIN-hp).

2019 Renault T-series tractor.

2017 Scania S 730 tractor, Scania’s current end boss model when it comes to power.

1995 Scania R 143 H tractor with a 2019 Vogelzang semi-trailer for transporting liquid cattle feed.

2019 DAF XF 480 FT tractor.

Paint it black, 2019 Volvo FH tractor.


2018 Scania G 410 6×2 flatbed truck with a Hiab crane.

2018 Volvo FH 10×4 flatbed truck with a Palfinger crane, 45 metric tons GVM.

2017 Volvo FH 10×4 flatbed truck with an HMF crane, 49 metric tons GVM (4,000 kg extra thanks to the heavier front axles and the increased axle spacing between the fourth and fifth axle).

2017 Scania S 580 tractor with a curtain side semi-trailer.

2013 Volvo FH tractor with a 2012 Schmitz Cargobull refrigerated semi-trailer.

From Belgium, a Volvo FH tractor with a liftable and steering (single wheeled) pusher axle. Very common on Euro-tractors.

2018 Volvo FH tractor with a 2019 Schmitz Cargobull refrigerated semi-trailer.

2018 Thunderdome XF 480 FT tractor.

2018 DAF XF 480 FT tractor.

Poultry hauler, a 2018 Scania S 450 tractor with a 2010 GS semi-trailer and Ravenhorst body.

2012 DAF XF 105 Brougham tractor, 510 DIN-hp. Note the old-school DAF steering wheel.

XF 105 is the model designation of the previous heavy DAF generation. Now it’s just XF, followed by the DIN-hp rating and the chassis-cab set-up.

2018 DAF XF 480 FT tractor with a 2009 Schmitz refrigerated semi-trailer.

Old soldiers never die, a 1976 Volvo F88 tractor. Volvo’s steady climb to global success in heavy trucking started with this legendary cabover model, introduced in 1965.

2015 Volvo FH16 heavy-haulage tractor, owned by the Nooteboom company…

…the manufacturer of this semi low loader. Semi in this case means not as low as a low loader, as the axles/wheels are underneath the bed, not behind it.

2018 Scania R 450 tractor with a 2014 LAG semi-trailer, carrying an intermodal tank container. Until 1990, the Belgian LAG company also built buses and coaches. That division was sold to Van Hool, another renowned name in the business.

MPGM stands for Maximum Permissible Gross Mass, tare is the weight of the tank container when empty.

2008 Scania R 620 tractor.

2017 Scania S 500 tractor with a 2014 LAG dry bulk tipping tanker.

2018 Scania R 650 tractor.

One Scania truck with a trailer, carrying three Scania tractors. And that was that for this year’s XXL event.