CC Global: 2020 Volvo FH With Bay-Lynx Volumetric Concrete Mixer – A Canadian In The Mix

Volvo FH with Bay-Lynx volumetric mixer - 1

A mobile concrete batching plant is something I never saw before. It was also the first truck body I caught that wasn’t built somewhere in the EU. Yet this Swedish-Canadian couple in blue seems to be made for each other.

Volvo FH with Bay-Lynx volumetric mixer - 2

Usually, the FMX is the preferred choice in the construction business when opting for a Volvo chassis-cab. But the Swinkels brothers chose the FH top model with the bigger tilt cab. The sleeper cab came with a standard, low roof, which has become a rarity in this segment.

Volvo FH with Bay-Lynx volumetric mixer - 3

An 8×4 tridem axle set-up, the fourth axle is a steering and liftable tag axle. This configuration has become commonplace over the past decade or so, supplanting the traditional 8×4 truck chassis (twin steer at the front, tandem at the rear) more and more.

The hefty tare weight of the whole package is 15,763 kg (34,751 lbs). Given its GVWR of 37,000 kg (81,571 lbs), the payload capacity is 21,237 kg (46,820 lbs).

Volvo FH with Bay-Lynx volumetric mixer - 4

Now from Sweden to Canada. The water tanks are placed at the front, directly behind the cab. The center section, with the company name on it, contains sand and gravel (in separate compartments, of course). The rear section is for storing dry cement. Additives are also carried aboard.

Volvo FH with Bay-Lynx volumetric mixer - 5

This goes beyond an on-/off switch. The Bay-Lynx manufacturing company was founded in 1992 and is based in Ancaster, Ontario.

Volvo FH with Bay-Lynx volumetric mixer - 6

Volvo FH with Bay-Lynx volumetric mixer - 7

The ingredients get mixed in the lower rear end of the truck body and voilà, there’s the end result of your personal concrete recipe, in the exact quantity needed. Indeed, the entire construction is a downscaled concrete plant on wheels.

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this whole concept a Canadian idea in the first place? At least, that’s what I’ve read on the website of another Dutch owner of a similar truck.