CC Global: 2021 DAF XG+, XG And XF – An All-New Generation Of Big DAFs, After 34 Years

2021 DAF XF, XG and XG+

This line-up is the end result of an investment of over one billion euros, the biggest innovation project in the truck maker’s history so far. An entirely new generation of top model DAFs, designed from scratch. Meet the successors to the current XF-series, from left to right: the 2021 XG+, XG and XF.

2019 DAF XF 530 FTG

Over the past years, I must have posted a whole armada of DAF XF trucks and tractors. Like this outstanding 2019 XF 530 FTG, representing the final edition. Cab-wise, all of them were direct descendants of the 95-series, introduced in 1987.

1996 DAF 95.400 FAS

A fine example of the Ur-model is the 1996 DAF 95.400 6×2 truck above, which I caught five years ago. After a long era of updates and improvements (95 XF, XF 95, XF 105, XF Euro 6), both inside and outside, it was time to come up with something radically new.

Last September, new European length regulations went into effect. Primarily to improve the big rigs’ aerodynamics and safety (crash protection). With the introduction of the upcoming top models, DAF is the first manufacturer that takes full advantage of these regulations. Compared with the current generation, the cab’s front got a 160 mm (6.3”) elongation.

2021 DAF XF

2021 DAF XF dimensions

The base model of the new generation is called the XF, just like the previous one. The lower window in the right door is optional, it’s combined with a foldable passenger seat. A safety feature, highly convenient when turning right. All dimensions stated are in mm.

2021 DAF XG

2021 DAF XG dimensions

The next step up is the high-rise XG. Compared with the XF, you also get 330 mm (13”) extra cab length behind the seats.

2021 DAF XG+

2021 DAF XG+ dimensions

And this is the ne plus ultra DAF, the XG+ flagship, because 200 mm (7.9”) taller than the XG. With its 12.5 m³ (16.3 yd³) cab, the XG+ has the biggest factory tilt cab on the market. Note the absence of mirrors, there are cameras on the outside of the cab and displays inside.

2021 DAF XG+ interior

2021 DAF XG+ dash

Truly inviting and classy. With a digital dash, of course.

2021 DAF model overview

For the time being, the new generation is powered by revised MX-11 (10.8 liter) and MX-13 (12.9 liter) inline-six turbodiesels. Manuals are not available, ZF TraXon transmissions all the way. DAF claims an improved fuel efficiency of 10% for the whole package.

Now instead of writing up a sheer endless list of features and details, I’d rather leave it to some DAF kingpins to tell the whole story.

Harry Wolters (CEO), Ron Borsboom (product development), Bart van Lotringen (design), Richard Zink (marketing and sales) and truck driver Hannah walk you through the whole development process and final product. Personally, I like the parts about truck aerodynamics and the alternative drivetrains they’re working on.

The production starts in October. I’m certain they will appear on our roads in large numbers, soon after.

All 2021 DAF XF, XG and XG+ images, photo courtesy of DAF Trucks N.V.