CC Global: 2021 MAN TGL 8.220 – Bringing Sea Fish Daily (Now Without a Daily)

2021 MAN TGL 8.220 - 1

The sea fish vendor at our weekly market got himself a fresh combo and livery. Previously, the food trailer was towed by a heavy-duty, full-size panel van. But the brand new trailer is now coupled to a cabover truck with a tilt cab. Expanding the family business, so to speak.

Iveco Daily panel van with food trailer

Here’s the former combination, caught at the same location, a little over a year ago. The van is a 2016, 170 DIN-hp Iveco Daily. The livery has changed rather drastically too.

2021 Kuiper Wagenbouw with BK Market Trailers body

The market vendor’s latest full trailer in full, as posted on his FB-site. This type of food and vendor trailers is highly common in the Netherlands. The 8.91 m (29’3”) long trailer was built by BK Market Trailers and is rolling on a fully galvanized Kuiper Wagenbouw chassis. It’s as wide as a big on-highway truck (2.54 m~8’4”).

For an impressive photo collection of similar trailers, go to the manufacturer’s website (Koelewijn’s mobile fish store is on page one. Click on the pictures for the interiors and more).

2021 MAN TGL 8.220 - 2

The Iveco’s replacement is a 2021 MAN TGL 8.220 truck with a temperature controlled body. This segment of light COE trucks is the next step up from a full-size van and you certainly aren’t allowed to drive these with a car driver’s license only.

The MAN may be a shorty alright, but the only thing that matters here is its registered GVWR of 8,000 kg (17,637 lbs). And that’s way beyond the 3,500 kg limit for a B (car) driver’s license.

MAN D0834 engine

Lil’ MAN is powered by a 4.6 liter, inline-four turbodiesel, known as the D0834 engine. With 220 DIN-hp, there’s plenty of power for the truck & trailer couple. The combination’s curb weight is 9,575 kg (21,109 lbs), its GCWR is 14,000 kg (30,865 lbs).

MAN TGL interior - 1

MAN TGL interior - 2

Indeed, the next step up from a full-size van. A true and up-to-date truck cab. The TGL is MAN’s smallest truck model (never mind the TGE, which is merely a rebadged Volkswagen Crafter).

As for the market vendor, may he and his family just keep on trucking and have bigger fish to fry for years to come.